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“To Light a Candle”: A Documentary of the Founders of LAISPS

“To Light A Candle” is a documentary about the remarkable psychoanalysts who founded and built LAISPS.

Though they came from different lands and backgrounds they were joined together by their passion and devotion to psychoanalysis.

Despite the resistance they faced from the medical profession, they were bonded in their courage and determination to form a fully acknowledged and certified psychoanalytic institute.

This film is a genuine portrait of each of these superb individuals and the moving story of the journey they took together to create a deeply respected, unique and beloved institute.

The filmmakers, academy award winner Robert C. Jones, and psychoanalysts and members of LAISPS, Dr. Sylvia Hirsch Jones and Dr. Deborah Stern are privileged to present to you,  “To Light A Candle.”  The creators were dedicated to a process, in the filming of the documentary, which would allow the analysts to express themselves with the greatest amount of openness and the highest degree of free association.

LAISPS October 22, 2016 Workshop