Psychoanalysis Enters The Political Fray: 
The Op-Ed Articles and Journal Blogs of Peter Wolson, PhD

Psychoanalysis Enters The Political Fray argues that a psychoanalytic perspective is
essential to deepen the political dialogue and the public’s awareness of the unconscious psychodynamics that motivate political events and the behavior of politicians.
“Peter Wolson has been a pioneer and is now a master in looking at political characters and issues with a psychoanalytic perspective. He courageously goes into a new important area in the psychoanalytic exploration of human reality, and starts a potentially revolutionary contribution of our science to the community, culture and life.”
—STEFANO BOLOGNINI, Past‐President of the International Psychoanalytical Association
“In Peter Wolson we find a remarkable voice writing Op‐Eds and now blogging with a spirit that is unparalleled. This volume contains all of those writings and to read them is to ride a very special train of thought within a highly discerning and creative voice in the American grain.”
—CHRISTOPHER BOLLAS, Author of Meaning and Melancholia: Life in the Age of Bewilderment
“This book examines the psychology of American political leaders and electorates of recent decades while providing information about human nature. It also includes explanations of disturbing public issues such as gun violence and child molestation. The reader will find this book very thought provoking and timely.”
—VAMIK VOLKAN, Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, U. of VA, Author of
Enemies on the Couch: A Psychopolitical Journey Through War and Peace.
“American psychoanalysts have rarely entered the fray, but Peter Wolson demonstrates that psychoanalysis is crucial to understanding the world of politics. He brilliantly analyzes and provides possible solutions to issues that have long bewildered politicians. This book is a must read!”
—STEVEN J. ELLMAN, Professor Emeritus, City University of New York
“In these fascinating chapters, Dr. Wolson resuscitates an old tradition by sharing with the public his psychoanalytic reflections on critical issues in contemporary society His writing is clear, compelling and exhibits a high level of sophistication and political awareness. This compilation is well worth the read.”
—DANIEL BENVENISTE, author of The Interwoven Lives of Sigmund, Anna, And W. Ernest Freud
PETER WOLSON, PHis a Training and Supervising Analyst and faculty member of the Los Angeles Institute and Society For Psychoanalytic Studies. He has served as LAISPS’ President and Director of Training, is a co‐founding member of the Confederation of Independent Psychoanalytic Societies and was President of the Los Angeles Society of Clinical Psychologists. He is on the resident faculty of the Wright Institute Los Angeles and in private practice in Beverly Hills. In addition to his political opinion pieces, he has published professional papers on adaptive grandiosity, the existential dimension of psychoanalysis, the relational unconscious, analytic love and political power.
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