Student Society Membership


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Your 12-month membership allows you to meet four times with your mentor who is an experienced clinician and candidate in analytic training. Mentors know the rigors of being a student and are eager to support your professional growth. “Having access to a friendly, helpful mentor at this stage of my career is invaluable to me. My mentor is patiently helping me to find my unique voice as a clinician.”


Students receive a discount on all professional seminars hosted by LAISPS throughout the year. Members of the Student Society may also participate in special certificate programs in psychodynamic psychotherapy, trauma studies and eating disorders.


Four times a year, student members are invited to attend informal educational meetings in which exciting psychoanalytic material is presented by experienced clinicians, and students can network and debrief in a supportive environment. Refreshments are served and students are presented with a special membership gift at the first meeting. Student members are also warmly invited to attend LAISPS’ annual Open House.