Community Outreach

One of the distinguishing tenets of LAISPS is that psychoanalytic perspectives can be of great value in understanding and ameliorating contemporary social problems. Community Outreach programs such as the Ernest S. Lawrence Trauma Center, Professionals Affiliated with LAISPS (PALS), the LAISPS Student Society, and the LAISPS Referral Service strive to extend psychoanalytic learning beyond the consulting room into the community at large.

The Ernest S. Lawrence Trauma Center brings psychoanalytic understanding to underserved groups within our community. The Center’s projects are directed by volunteer licensed clinicians who provide free psychoanalytically-informed services to “at risk” populations as well as educational presentations to the community.

Professionals Affiliated with LAISPS (PALS) offers psychotherapists and other interested professionals an opportunity to learn more about psychoanalysis in an informal setting. Typically, members of PALS groups meet monthly with one or two LAISPS analysts who facilitate discussions of theoretical and clinical topics from a psychoanalytic perspective.

The LAISPS Student Society offers graduate students and interns an opportunity to explore psychoanalytic thinking in friendly, informal gatherings and and be mentored by clinicians with extensive experience in the field of psychoanalysis.

The LAISPS Affiliate Membership offers you an opportunity to learn from members of LAISPS and like-minded  colleagues, share clinical issues, and engage in professional networking.

The LAISPS Referral Service offers affordable psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic psychotherapy with licensed mental health professionals who are either candidates in psychoanalytic training at LAISPS or psychoanalysts who are members of LAISPS.